During the summer of 2011, I got this crazy notion that it'd be fun to do a radio show. Lucky for me, Bozeman has KGLT, an amazing indie/college radio station and they just happened to be starting a new apprentice class about a week after the idea hit me. Well, I made it through the course, had a great time apprenticing with Cara Paul and Adam Kish on their Friday night shows, and suddenly I had my own graveyard shift, right after Adam's show.

I'm on every other Friday night at midnight, through to 3am on Saturday. Some nights I'm pretty bleary by the last hour but the music I play keeps me going. Cara, Adam and I all like our own variety of heavy music and it makes for a solid night of metal, heavy alternative, hard rock, punk, etc. The music I love is most often heavy and most often melodic, encompassing many of the sub-genres that make up the giant umbrella covering what folks call "metal".

It's been great getting to know KGLT's "loud rock" collection. I've discovered a bunch of bands and gotten access to albums I don't own from acts that I know. Slowly but surely I've gotten comfortable behind the console, executing segues between songs and handling the public service announcements and station IDs. The best part is that it keeps me immersed in music week after week. The hours I put into prepping the show are a beautiful thing, they are hours immersed in music, thinking about it and listening to it. Then my show comes around and I get to share that music with everyone over the airwaves.

If you're curious, or you're frustrated because mainstream radio is a sad excuse for its former self, devoid of the heavy music you crave, then check out the shows every other Friday at KGLT. You can stream KGLT on the web and mobile apps for iPhone and Android are available as well.

My next show is: midnight MST on Friday, March 3, 2012 until 3am on Saturday the 4th